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More about me & my approach

I believe that therapy, especially during the often turbulent times of adolescence, can be invaluable in helping young people feel less alone and more connected to a greater understanding of themselves, their joy, and how to navigate hardship.


With a non-judgmental and collaborative lens that is approachable and relatable, my goal is to create a less "stuffy" and a more open, welcoming environment. I believe that a therapeutic relationship grounded in trust and authenticity fosters greater self exploration, growth, and healing. 

I come to this work partly because of my own experiences in adolescence as a queer, mixed race person of Korean and white/Jewish descent. I offer additional perspectives on holding multiple identities during a life stage that's centered on gaining a greater sense of self.

counseling for youth Laina Yoswein

My clinical background

Therapeutic Approaches

I am influenced by a number of therapeutic modalities including narrative therapy, internal family systems (IFS), mindfulness, person-centered therapy, psychodynamic theory, somatic therapy, and eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR).

My approach is first and foremost relational. I believe healing happens within relationships and that feelings of trust, care, and understanding are foundational to therapeutic work.

Liberatory, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive frameworks are central to my practice.

Sessions with me are collaborative and attuned-- meaning I like to work together & am mindful of your needs. The approaches used will be unique to you. I also love to bring in creative therapeutic interventions (art, music, & writing). 


For over ten years I have specialized in supporting youth and families. 

I have provided short and long term mental health services in non-profit community agencies, and most recently worked as a school-based therapist with teens for the past five years.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Oregon. As an LCSW, I have met the requirements of completing over 2000 hours of practice under clinical supervision and passed the state board exam. 

I received my Masters from the Silberman School of Social Work in New York City, with a focus on children, youth, and families.

LGBTQ counseling for youth
counseling for youth Laina Yoswein

I also enjoy (okay, absolutely love) baking -- it's my favorite kind of mindfulness activity.

I love a relaxing, rainy day. One of my favorite things to do is walk around a city and snack at new places.

I have a very cute dog that I hope one day might be a companion in sessions (if you're cool with it). 

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